Sílvia Osuna

Sílvia Osuna

Universitat de Girona

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

Sílvia Osuna received her PhD in 2010 from the University of Girona (UdG) at the Institut de Química Computacional (IQC). In 2010, she moved to the group of Prof. Houk at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Since then, Sílvia has worked in computational design of enzymes of medical and pharmaceutical interest. Sílvia has more than 80 research publications, and been recently awarded the Catalan National Research Award – Young Talent 2019 from Fundació Catalana de Recerca i Innovació (FCRi), and Young Investigator Award by Lilly and Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry RSEQ (2019). Her group is funded by the European Research Council project - Starting Grant (ERC-2015- STG-679001), the I+D MINECO project (PGC2018-102192-B-I00), and Human Frontier Science Program Grant (RGP0054/2020). 

Research interests

Sílvia’s research lies at the interface between computational chemistry and biology. Her research focuses on the study of biochemical processes mainly related to enzyme catalysis. Her lab is developing new computational tools for predicting which amino acid changes are required to the enzyme structure for allowing novel function, enhancing a promiscuous side reaction, or expanding its substrate scope. Her goal is to enable the routine computational design of proficient enzymes to boost their use in industry for the synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant targets. She also applies the developed methodologies to the study of the recognition and assembly process of biomolecules with carbon-based materials.   

Selected publications

- Cuetos, Anibal; Iglesias-Fernandez, Javier; Danesh-Azari, Hamid-Reza; Zukic, Erna; Dowle, Adam; Osuna, Silvia; Grogan, Gideon 2020, 'Mutational Analysis of Linalool Dehydratase Isomerase Suggests That Alcohol and Alkene Transformations Are Catalyzed Using Noncovalent Mechanisms', Acs Catalysis, 10, 19, 11136 - 11146.

- Li, Aitao; Acevedo-Rocha, Carlos G.; D'Amore, Lorenzo; Chen, Jinfeng; Peng, Yaqin; Garcia-Borras, Marc; Gao, Chenghua; Zhu, Jinmei; Rickerby, Harry; Osuna, Silvia; Zhou, Jiahai; Reetz, Manfred T. 2020, 'Regio- and Stereoselective Steroid Hydroxylation at C7 by Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenase Mutants', Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, .

- Semivrazhskaya, Olesya; Aroua, Safwan; Yulikov, Maxim; Romero-Rivera, Adrian; Stevenson, Steven; Garcia-Borras, Marc; Osuna, Silvia; Yamakoshi, Yoko 2020, 'Regioselective Synthesis and Characterization of Tris- and Tetra-Prato Adducts of M3N@C-80 (M = Y, Gd)', Journal Of The American Chemical Society, 142, 30, 12954 - 12965.

- Osuna, Silvia 2020, 'The challenge of predicting distal active site mutations in computational enzyme design', Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews-computational Molecular Science, , e1502.

- Wang, Lei; Marciello, Marzia; Estevez-Gay, Miquel; Soto Rodriguez, Paul E. D.; Luengo Morato, Yurena; Iglesias-Fernandez, Javier; Huang, Xin; Osuna, Silvia; Filice, Marco; Sanchez, Samuel 2020, 'Enzyme Conformation Influences the Performance of Lipase-powered Nanomotors', Angewandte Chemie-international Edition, .

Selected research activities

New project as Principal Investigator:

Human Frontier Science Program – Program Grants: “Evolution of conformational and kinetic ensembles during functional transitions” (RGP0054/2020), PI: Dr. Tokuriki (coordinator, Univ British Columbia, CAN), Dr. Fraser (Univ. of California San Francisco, US), Dr. Noji (Tokyo Univ, JP), Dr. Osuna (UdG, SP). Total: 1,350,000$. Funding Osuna Team: 337,500$ Period: 2020-2023