Beatriz Prieto

Beatriz Prieto

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Engineering Sciences

I obtained my PhD in chemistry in 2005 from the UAB. Part of my doctoral research was conducted at the publicly run AgResearch (New Zealand) and at the University of Ioannina (Greece). I conducted postdoctoral research on biosensors for mycotoxins detection at the University of Perpignan (UPVD) (2005–07). My research involved short stays at LISE (CNRS), University Marie et Pierre Curie, and at the International Center of Biodynamics (Romania). In 2007, I started a 15-month Japan Society for the Promotion of Science fellowship at the Tokyo University of Technology. Then, I returned to the UPVD prior to starting a Juan de la Cierva fellowship at IBEC. In 2012, I joined the University of South Australia as a research associate, where one year later I won a Senior Research Fellowship. After four years, I joined Monash University as Senior Research Fellow. In 2018 I moved to the URV as Ramón y Cajal Fellow.

Research interests

My research in the multidisciplinary domain of bio-inspired nanotechnologies covers the design, micro- and nanofabrication, and surface chemistry of emerging nanostructures, with the aim to integrate them into fit-for-purpose diagnostic devices. I am conducting research on Si-based nanotechnologies, such as the fabrication of arrays of parallel double-layered nanochannels with site-specifically displayed receptors, and tunable electrochemical features. My key research interest lies in unveiling fundamental advances on synergies at the interface of nanostructured materials (multilayered porous structures) and biological processes. My research aims to lay the foundation for building smart platforms based on principles found in nature to strengthen the scientific and societal impact of their medical and environmental applications.​

Selected publications

- Guan B, Guo K, Prieto-Simón B & Voelcker NH 2021, "Formation and biofunctionalisation of polymer photonic crystals by replica moulding from porous silicon", Materials Letters, vol. 284, Part 1, 128907.

Selected research activities

- Editorial board member of Biosensors

- Member of one international (Tunisia) and one national (UAB) PhD thesis examination committees

- Expert reviewer / rapporteur for the Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding

- Publications prior to joining ICREA:

  1. Dervisevic M, Alba M, Prieto-Simón B & Voelcker NH 2020, "Skin in the Diagnostics Game: Wearable Biosensor Nano- and Microsystems for Medical Diagnostics", Nano Today, vol. 30, 100828
  2. Rajeev G, Melville E, Cowin A, Prieto-Simón B & Voelcker NH 2020, "Porous alumina membrane-based electrochemical biosensor for flightless detection in chronic wounds", Frontiers in Chemistry, vol. 8, 155