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Valerio Pruneri

Valerio Pruneri

Institut de Ciències Fotòniques

Engineering Sciences

Valerio Pruneri is Corning Inc. Chair leading the Optoelectronics group at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO). Previously he worked for Avanex, Corning, Pirelli, and the University of Southampton. He has given 100 invited talk and is inventor of about 50 patents. He has taken part in 40+ technical or steering committees of international conferences. He serves on the QEOD board of the European Physical Society, the advisory board of ACREO AB Fiber Optic Centre, VLC Photonics and Quside. He was awarded the Philip Morris Prize, Pirelli Fellowship, IBM Faculty award, Paul Ehrenfest award, Corning Inc. Professorship and Duran Farell Prize for technological research. His work has led to numerous industrial collaborations (e.g. Corning Inc., Carl Zeiss and HP) and the creation of two spin offs, quside (2017) and sixsenso (2020).

Research interests

Valerio Pruneri leads the Optoelectronics group (OptoGroup) at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), which studies and develops new advanced materials, devices and systems for optical telecommunication, sensing and cybersecurity. In particular, the main driving is to carry out research which bridges academia and industry, by developing fundamental ideas which will have an impact on commercial products.

Selected publications

– Maniyara, Rinu Abraham; Graham, Christina; Paulillo, Bruno; Bi, Yu; Chen, Yu; Herranz, Gervasi; Baker, David E.; Mazumder, Prantik; Konstantatos, Gerasimos; Pruneri, Valerio 2021, ‘Highly transparent and conductive ITO substrates for near infrared applications’, Apl Materials, 9, 2, 021121.

– Rombaut, Juan; Martinez, Sofia; Maria Matera, Umberto; Mazumder, Prantik; Pruneri, Valerio 2021, ‘Antireflective Multilayer Surface with Self-Cleaning Subwavelength Structures’, Acs Photonics, 8, 3, 894 – 900.

– Paulillo, Bruno; Bareza, Nestor, Jr.; Pruneri, Valerio 2021, ‘Controlling mid-infrared plasmons in graphene nanostructures through post-fabrication chemical doping’, Journal Of Physics-photonics, 3, 3, 034001.

– Lopez Grande, I. H.; Etcheverry, S.; Aldama, J.; Ghasemi, S.; Nolan, D.; Pruneri, V 2021, ‘Adaptable transmitter for discrete and continuous variable quantum key distribution’, Optics Express, 29, 10, 14815 – 14827.

– Martinez-Cercos, Daniel; Paulillo, Bruno; Maniyara, Rinu Abraham; Rezikyan, Aram; Bhattacharyya, Indrani; Mazumder, Prantik; Pruneri, Valerio 2021, ‘Ultrathin Metals on a Transparent Seed and Application to Infrared Reflectors’, Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces, 13, 39, 46990 – 46997.

– Camphausen, Robin; Cuevas, Alvaro; Duempelmann, Luc; Terborg, Roland A.; Wajs, Ewelina; Tisa, Simone; Ruggeri, Alessandro; Cusini, Iris; Steinlechner, Fabian; Pruneri, Valerio 2021, ‘A quantum-enhanced wide-field phase imager’, Science Advances, 7, 47, eabj2155.

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