Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Universitat de Barcelona


At UCL studied for my BA (1980) and PhD (1991) (Settlement and Pottery of the Vinalopo Valley (Alicante), AD 400-700), which included a detailed review of ceramics and trade in W Mediterranean ports (published as BAR 588 & 604 in 1993, 1995). Have studied-published Hellenistic, Roman and Islamic ceramics from excavations in Spain (Alicante, Cartagena, Valencia), Roman Syria (Beirut, Chhim, Homs, Basit, Zeugma), Albania (Butrint, Durres), Greece (Athens, Corinth, Thesprotia, Nicopolis, Patras), Bulgaria (Nicopolis, Dichin) and N Africa (Carthage, Utica, Leptis Magna).

Author of Hispania and the Roman Mediterranean, AD 100-700: Ceramics and Trade (2010) and Butrint 6, Volume 3. The Roman and Late Antique Pottery from the Vrina Plain Excavations (2020). Co-editor of the series Roman and Late Antique Mediterranean Pottery (Archaeopress). 

Research interests

The principal aim of my research is the study of trade networks and economies of the Classical-Late Antique Mediterranean, Black Sea & Atlantic through the definition of regional ceramic typologies and analysis of the regional-long distance distribution of ceramics in major ports (table-wares, amphorae & cooking wares). I am interested in all factors that contributed to the supply of goods: private, state, city, ecclesiastical & administrative structures. Other interests include Hellenistic-Roman cuisine-cultural interaction in the Roman East; typologies and archaeometry of local ceramics in W Greece-Peloponnese; analysis of organic residues in amphorae (Spanish Ministry RACA-Med I and II projects); typologies, archaeometry, dating, function of Islamic pottery in Utica and N Africa (ongoing Barakat Trust project).

Selected publications

- Salinas E, Reynolds P & Pradell T 2022, 'Technological changes in the glazed wares of northern Tunisia in the transition from Fatimid to Zirid rule', Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 14, 224.

- Marchand J, Le Bomin J & Reynolds P 2022, ‘'Proto-LRA 1 amphorae from Taposiris Magna (Egypt): a typological and petrological study’, Bulletin de liaison de la Céramique Égyptienne, 31: 87-121

Selected research activities

The second Spanish Ministry project on the analysis of amphora residues in Catalunya-Laietania and Pompeii (RACA-Med II) (2021-2024) has continued, with the addition of a PhD candidate (funded 4 years) to focus on the evidence for Roman wine production in Catalunya (La producción vinaria en la Layetania: estudio arqueológico y caracterización arqueométrica de ánforas y dolia).

Archaeometrical analyses of ceramics from Islamic Utica have continued as part of my ongoing Barakat Trust project. the second of three important articles on the development of Tunisian glazed wares has now been published (the third is in press).