Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds

Universitat de Barcelona


At UCL studied for my BA (1980) and PhD (1991) (Settlement and Pottery of the Vinalopo Valley (Alicante), AD 400-700), which included a detailed review of ceramics and trade in W Mediterranean ports (published as BAR 588 & 604 in 1993, 1995). Have studied and published ceramics from excavations in Spain (Cartagena, Valencia), Roman Syria (Beirut, Homs, Basit, Zeugma), Albania (Butrint, Durres), Greece (Athens, Corinth, Thesproteia, Nicopolis-Actium, Patras) and North Africa (Carthage, Utica, Leptis Magna). Author of the books Hispania and the Roman Mediterranean, AD 100-700: Ceramics and Trade (2010) and Butrint 6, Volume 3. The Roman and Late Antique Pottery from the Vrina Plain Excavations (2020). Co-editor of the series Roman and Late Antique Mediterranean Pottery

Research interests

The principal aim of my research is the study of the economy of the Classical and Late Antique Mediterranean, the lower Danube-Black Sea and Atlantic through the definition of regional ceramic typologies (forms and archaeometry) and the analysis of the regional distribution of ceramics in major ports. This focuses on the long-distance movement of local, regional and imported fine table-wares, amphorae & cooking wares. I am interested in all factors that contributed to the supply of goods: private, state, city, ecclesiastical & administrative structures. 

Selected publications

- Salinas E, Reynolds P, Tite M & Pradell, T 2020, 'Polychrome glazed ware production in Tunisia during the Fatimid-Zirid period: New data on the question of the introduction of tin glazes in western Islamic lands', Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 34. 102632: 1-16.

Selected research activities

Currently publishing the Islamic pottery from the Anglo-Tunisian excavations in Utica and directing two projects: Early Islamic ceramics and culture in Tunisia: chronologies, sources and vessel use, funded by the Barakat Trust (Oxford), and HAR2017-84242-P, Anforas romanas y analisis de contenidos: El consumo de alimentos de la Baetica, Africa y el Oriente levantino en Gades, Pompeii y Roma (ss. I a.C.- I d.C.) (RACA-Med), funded by the Ministerio de Economia, Industria y Competitividad.