César Rodríguez Ranero

César Rodríguez Ranero

Institut de Ciències del Mar

Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

PhD degree in 1993 awarded by Barcelona University for work at the CSIC Earth Sciences Institute. Postdoc (93-99) and tenured (2000) at GEOMAR (Germany). I joined ICREA in 2005 at CSIC Marine Sciences Institute. I have >150 papers in the Scopus with ~8500 citations and h-index = 52. I have >600 contributions to international congresses and >50 invited talks, keynote and seminars at universities, research centers, and congresses. I organized or convened of >30 international scientific meetings. I was (Co)PI of over 20 projects, and several research cruises. I supervised more than 30 graduated and postdoctoral researchers. Since 2007 I lead the Barcelona Center for Subsurface Imaging, currently with ~30 scientists. I have been awarded Fellow of the American Geophysical Union 2018, Premi Ciudat de Barcelona 2019 in Environmental and Earth Sciences, and elected member of Academia Europaea in 2020.

Research interests

My scientific goal is to conceptually advance our understanding of fundamental processes of rifting, passive margins evolution, seafloor spreading, and subduction systems. I am particularly interested on the processes that govern the relations between the behaviour of earthquakes, long-term tectonics, and fluid flow. For this end, I strive to obtain the best quality observations by personally leading field acquisition, analysis, and processing of data. I have specialized in complex, multi-disciplinary experiments, coordinating teams of multi-national scientists to acquire data during cruises that have produced major breakthroughs, and leading drilling projects for ground-truthing to test competing models.  With my group, I work on the development of bleeding-edge geophysical methods that yield novel observations of interest for basic science as well as for technological transfer to industry stake holders.

Selected publications

- Neres M & Ranero CR 2023, 'An appraisal using magnetic data of the continent-to-ocean transition structure west of Iberia', Geophysical Journal International, 234, 3, 1819 - 1834.
- Ugalde A, Seguí A, de Ortuzar M, de Ortuzar JM & Ranero CR 2023, 'Subfluvial tunnel layout design: Mapping recent sediment fill in Bilbao Estuary using H/V spectral ratio', Engineering Geology, 327, 2023, 107338.
- Perez-Gussinye M, Collier JSS, Armitage JJ, et al. 2023, 'Towards a process-based understanding of rifted continental margins', Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 4, 166-184.
- Morgan JP & Ranero CR 2023, '
Roles of serpentinization in plate tectonics and the evolution of Earth’s mantle', in Dynamics of Plate Tectonics and Mantle Convection, 12, 511-537.
- Zhang J, Zhao M, Ding W, et al., 'New Insights Into the Rift-To-Drift Process of the Northern South China Sea Margin Constrained by a Three-Dimensional Wide-Angle Seismic Velocity Model', Journal Of Geophysical Research-solid Earth, 128, 4, e2022JB026171. 2023
- Loreto MF, Zitellini N, Ranero RC, Palmiotto C & Prada M 2023, 'Reply to the comment of Torrente et al on Extensional tectonics during the Tyrrhenian back-arc basin formation and a new morpho-tectonic map', Basin Research, 35, 2409–2416 2023

Selected research activities

Chief Scientist in the Ionian Sea of cruise POSEIDON with Italian R/V Laura Bassi funded by Eurofleets+
Convener European Geoscience Union Assembly 2023
Session: Initiation and evolution of subduction: dynamics, volatiles and melts from the surface to the deep mantle. Vienna. Austria.