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Joan Rosell-Llompart

Joan Rosell-Llompart

Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Engineering Sciences

He graduated in physics in 1987 from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Before and during his PhD (Yale University, 1994), he worked with Prof. J. Fernández de la Mora on aerodynamic focusing, inertial impaction, electrospray atomization, and differential mobility analysis. As postdoc associate with Prof. John B. Fenn at Virginia Commonwealth University, he did research on electrospray ionization mass spectrometry. In 1996 he joined Aradigm Corporation (California, USA) to develop liquid micro-jet technology for inhalation drug delivery. There, he co-discovered with Prof. A. Gañán-Calvo (Universidad de Sevilla, Spain) the "flow blurring" fine liquid atomization regime. Since joining Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) in 2004 as ICREA Research Professor, his research has focused on electrospray and electrospinning for the manufacturing of nanomaterials; and recently also on COVID transmission in schools. He currently leads the Droplets, intErfaces, and floWs (DEW) lab at URV.

Research interests

I am interested in the use of fluid dynamics for designing nanomaterials in diverse fields of application. We use electrostatic fields to force liquid masses to eject tiny jets, which are then used to make nanodroplets (by electrospray) and nanofibers (by electrospinning). Both by experiment and by computer modeling, we aim to (i) understand the precise mechanisms underlying the fluid dynamic processes involved, (ii) devise new nano-fluidic strategies to create functional structures (e.g., ‘smart’ particles for nanobiomedicine), (iii) characterize the properties of such structures, (iv) engineer ways to assemble them into larger functional supra-structures, e.g. high resolution 3D printing for assembling nanofibers into scaffolds for growing cells into living tissues, and (v) develop strategies to demonstrate how these processes can be scaled up so they can ultimately benefit humankind.

Selected publications

– Liashenko I, Ramon A, Cabot ARosell-Llompart J 2021, ‘Ultrafast electrohydrodynamic 3D printing with in situ jet speed monitoring‘, Materials & Design, 206, 109791.

– Aixart J, Díaz F, Llorca J & Rosell-Llompart J 2021, ‘Increasing Reaction Time in Hummers’ Method towards Well Exfoliated Graphene Oxide of Low Oxidation Degree‘, Ceramics International, vol. 47, no. 15, pp. 22130-22137.

Selected research activities

*Doctoral thesis defense: Jordi Aixart Forés. “Characterization of graphene oxide obtained from modifications of Hummers’ method and its application for reinforcing textiles.” Co-director Francesc Díaz (URV). Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Defended Nov. 26, 2021. Cum Laude.

*Organizing Committee Member at the European Workshop on Electrohydrodynamic Atomization and Electrospinning, 9-10 June 2021, online.

*Oral presentations at the European Aerosol Conference 2021, organized by the Aerosol Society of UK & Ireland, held virtually, 30 Aug.- 3 Sept, 2021: “Discharging electrosprays with unipolar ions for producing globular nano- and micro-particles (AT_4-1_638)” with A Carrasco-Muñoz (speaker), E Barbero, E Bódnar, & J Grifoll; “Size distributions for the initial droplet in electrosprays of polymer solutions determined by a new microscopy-based methodology (AT_4-1_670)” with E Barbero (speaker), E Bodnár, W Latif, AJ Carrasco-Muñoz, & J Grifoll.

*Journal of Aerosol Science, member of the Editorial Board.

ICREA Memoir 2021