Gustavo A. Slafer Lago

Gustavo A. Slafer Lago

Universitat de Lleida

Life & Medical Sciences

Gustavo A. Slafer (PhD University of Melbourne) is Research Professor of ICREA at AGROTECNIO-CERCA Center, and the University of Lleida (Catalonia-Spain). His research has focused on studying the mechanisms underlying the responses of grain crops (mainly but not only wheat and barley) to environmental and genetic factors, with lines of research focused on understanding traits determining yield physiology and their plasticity. He published more than 200 papers, more than 40 chapters and 7 books by International Publishers. His h-index is 67 (Web of Science, Core Collection) or 90 (Google Scholar). He is Honorary Professor of the Universities of Nottingham (UK, since 2005) and Buenos Aires (Argentina, since 2018); Editor/Associate Editor of several journals; and “Fellow” of the Crop Science Society of America

Research interests

My research is focused on Crop Physiology: a relatively novel branch of science linking more fundamental physiological knowledge with realistic crop-breeding and crop-management developments through a genuine translational research approach. In this context, I study the mechanisms underlying the responses of field crops to environmental and genetic factors at the crop level of organisation. The environmental factors include management practices (e.g. irrigation or fertilization) and less manageable environmental factors (e.g. radiation, photoperiod and temperature). Genetic factors include from diverse genotypes through specific populations to particular genes (NILs). I study in this context the physiology of yield; carbon and nitrogen relationships and crop developmental processes with the aim of identifying alternatives to traditional farming and breeding practises to enhance the efficiency of resource use.

Selected publications

- Slafer GA, Foulkes MJ, Reynolds MP, et al. 2023, 'A 'wiring diagram' for sink strength traits impacting wheat yield potential', Journal Of Experimental Botany, 74, 1, 40 - 71, erac410.
- Slafer GA, Savin R & Sadras VO 2023, 'Wheat yield is not causally related to the duration of the growing season', European Journal Of Agronomy, 148, 126885.
- Sanchez-Bragado R, Molero G, Araus JL & Slafer GA 2023, 'Awned versus awnless wheat spikes: does it matter?', Trends In Plant Science, 28, 3, 330 - 343.
- Serrago RA, Garcia GA, Savin R, Miralles DJ & Slafer GA 2023, 'Determinants of grain number responding to environmental and genetic factors in two- and six-rowed barley types', Field Crops Research, 302, 109073.
- Parrado JD, Savin R & Slafer GA 2023, 'Photoperiod sensitivity of Ppd-H1 and ppd-H1 isogenic lines of a spring barley cultivar. Exploring extreme photoperiods', Journal Of Experimental Botany, 74, 6608–6618.

Selected research activities

Invited Talks:
  • Traits determining sink strength for improving wheat yield. Resource allocation to juvenile spikes, efficiency in its use and floret development. Iberian Plant Biology 2023. Braga, Portugal, 12 July 2023
  • Wheat yield physiology as affected by N-fertilization. 2nd Workshop Argentina – UK Partnership Wheat. School of Agronomy-Univ Buenos Aires, Argentina, 27 November 2023.
Editor/Associate Editor
  • Euphytica (The Netherlands)
  • Food Energy Security (UK)
  • Spanish Journal Agricultural Research (Spain)
  • Scientific Reports (UK)
  • International Journal of Molecular Sciences (Switzerland)
  • Frontiers in Plant Science (Switzerland)
  • The Crop Journal (Crop Science Society of China and Elsevier, The Netherlands)