Jordi Sort

Jordi Sort

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Engineering Sciences

Jordi Sort leads the ‘Group of Smart Nanoengineered Materials, Nanomechanics and Nanomagnetism’ (with ca. 20 researchers) as an ICREA Research Professor at UAB. After finishing his PhD in 2002 in the field of “magnetic interfacial effects” (Extraordinary Award), Prof. Sort performed two postdoctoral stays, at SPINTEC (Grenoble) and at Argonne National Laboratory. His research is focused on a wide variety of materials (thin films, lithographed structures, porous materials and nanocomposites) with emphasis on their magnetic, magnetoelectric and mechanical performance. He received awards from the Catalan and Spanish Physical Societies as well as the Federation of European Materials Societies. So far, Prof. Sort has supervised 17 PhD Theses, has published 352 articles (11275 citations in WoS, h = 53), has issued 6 patents and has managed 38 research projects, being Coordinator of 2 European Training Networks (ITN), and PI of a CoG, a PoC and an AdG from the ERC.

Research interests

Jordi Sort investigates the nanomechanical, magnetoelectric and nanomagnetic properties of innovative and advanced materials, including lithographed structures, thin films and bulk specimens. Among his most relevant achievements one can mention: the use of nanoindentation and selective ion irradiation to create magnetic structures embedded in non-magnetic matrices; the ductilization of metallic glasses by development of nanostructured morphologies; the growth of new types of coatings with enhanced mechanical, magnetic, corrosion-resistance and catalytic properties; the development of advanced biodegradable materials; the characterization of mesoporous materials and onion-type nanoparticles with interlayer magnetic interactions; or the observation of magnetoelectric and magneto-ionic effects in different kinds of heterostructures combining ferromagnetic, ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic layers. Further information at:

Selected publications

- A. Bonaccini Calia, E. Masvidal-Codina, T. M. Smith, et al. 2022, 'Full bandwidth electrophysiology of seizures and epileptiform activity enabled by flexible graphene micro-transistor depth neural probes', Nat Nanotechnol, 17, 301.

- A. Gomez, V. V.Palyulin, G.V. Ryzhakov, N.V. Brilliantov, E,V, Dubrovin, A. Verdaguer, J. Sort 2022, 'Measurement of stress distribution at the nanoscale: Towards stress nanotomography', J Mech Phys Solids 164, 104895.

- Z. Tan, S. Martins, M. Escobar, J. de Rojas, F. Ibrahim, M. Chshiev, A. Quintana, A. Lopeandia, J. L. Costa-Kramer,  E. Menendez, J. Sort 2022. 'From Binary to Ternary Transition-Metal Nitrides: A Boost toward Nitrogen Magneto-Ionics', ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 14, 44581.

- S. Martins, J .de Rojas, Z. Tan, M. Cialone, A. Lopeandia, J. Herrero-Martín, J.L. Costa-Kramer, E. Menéndez & J. Sort 2022, 'Dynamic electric-field-induced magnetic effects in cobalt oxide thin films: towards magneto-ionic synapses', Nanoscale 14, 842.

- C. Navarro-Senent, K. Eiler, S. Pané, J. Sort, E. Pellicer 2022. 'Lightweight macroporous L10-ordered Co‒Pt electrodeposited films with semi-hard-magnetic properties', Mater Des, 213, 110369.

Selected research activities

Awarded an ERC Advanced Grant

17 published, 3 patents alive

Associate Editor: APL Materials; Editorial Board Member: APL Energy

Section Editor-in-Chief: Nanomaterials

4 Plenary + 4 Invited talks, >20 other contributions at International Congresses

3 Conferences co-organizer. Program co-chair at MMM2022

1 PhD Thesis completed (Cum Laude)

Coordinator: H2020-ETN (‘BeMAGIC’), ERC-AdG, Retos, Proof of Concept, SGR

Technical & Educational Comm. IEEE Magn. Soc., AdCom MMM

Evaluator: AEI, AGAUR, ERC, MSCA, etc.

Outreach: RTVE, Divulcat, Twitter, Facebook, Amics UAB, Radio