Josefa Toribio

Josefa Toribio

Universitat de Barcelona


I got my PhD in Philosophy from Complutense University, Madrid, in 1988. I worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science at Complutense between 1989 and 1991. I was then awarded a postgraduate fellowship by the British Council to work in the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at the University of Sussex (1991-93). I was Assistant Professor at Washington University in St. Louis (1993-2000), Lecturer in Philosophy in the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at the University of Sussex (2000-2002), Associate Professor at the University of Indiana, Bloomington (2002-2004), and Senior Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh (2004-2008). I joined ICREA in 2009. I am a member of the research group LOGOS (Research Group in Analytic Philosophy) at the UB and also a member of the Barcelona Institute of Analytic Philosophy (BIAP). I have been president of the Spanish Society of Analytic Philosophy (SEFA) between 2010 and 2016.

Research interests

My goal in philosophy has long been the same: to explore the nature of the mind within a naturalistic framework. What is most distinctive of my research is my ongoing effort to respect scientific findings about mental phenomena while insisting on the critical importance of the method of analysis and the theoretical tools provided by analytic philosophy. My current research focuses on the analysis of central topics in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of cognitive science, with a special emphasis on the philosophy of perception and rationally responsive unconscious mental states such as implicit attitudes.

Selected publications

- Toribio J 2020, 'La experiencia visual: rica pero impenetrable', in Álvaro Peláez and Ignacio Cervieri (Eds.) Contenido y Fenomenología de la Percepción: Aproximaciones Filosóficas. Ciudad de México: Gedisa-UNAM, pp. 79–109.  

- Toribio J 2020, 'Molyneux’s question and perceptual judgments', in Gabriele Ferretti and Brian Glenney (eds.) Molyneux’s Question. Routledge, pp. 266-283.    

Selected research activities


2019-2021: Awareness, self-awareness, and unawareness: exploring the perception-cognition-action continuum. MICINN. PGC2018-095909-B-100. €60.500. PI

PhD Funding

Illia Patronnikov (FPI)

MA dissertation supervision

Johan Largo (APhil 2019-20): Unconscious perception, internalism, and higher-order theories of consciousness. Defense: 07/09/2020.

Invited Presentations

Toribio, J. “Biases and Vices” Nicod Philosophy Colloquium 2020-21. Institut Jean Nicod CNRS-EHESS-EHS. Paris, December 11th, 2020.

Research Management

Co-organizer (with Miguel Ángel Sebastián) of the workshop “Consciousness, Agency, and First-Person Representation” funded by MINECO, PGC2018-095909-B-I00. Barcelona, November 16-17, 2020.

Scientific Committees

X Research Workshop on Philosophy of Biology and Cognitive Science. Madrid, UAM, May 21-22, 2020.

PhD dissertation committee

Jędrzej Piotr Grodniewicz. Themes in linguistic understanding Cognition and epistemology. Universitat de Barcelona. November 10th, 2020.


MA Cognitive Science and Language (CCiL). Philosophy of Language and Cognition. UB.