Jeroen van den Bergh

Jeroen van den Bergh

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Social & Behavioural Sciences

Research interests

I work on the interface of environmental economics, climate-policy research, and innovation studies. Research in recent years focuses on effectiveness and public support of climate policy. This accounts for undesirable systemic impacts, such as energy rebound and carbon leakage. It involves application of methods and insights from behavioural and evolutionary economics, operationalized through agent-based modelling, questionnaire surveys and online experiments. Past work covered integrated ecological-economic modelling, contributions to the growth-versus-environment debate, environmental policies applied to urban-transport issues, biodiversity valuation and policy, modelling of recycling in material-product chains, and international dimensions of environmental policy.

Selected publications

- King L & van den Bergh J 2022, 'Sugar taxation for climate and sustainability goals', Nature Sustainability 5: 899-905.

- King L, van den Bergh J & Kallis G 2022, 'Transparency crucial to Paris climate scenarios', Science 375(6583): 827-828.

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