Andrew Williams

Andrew Williams

Universitat Pompeu Fabra


Andrew Williams read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford and was a graduate student at Nuffield College, Oxford and Harvard University. He then became a Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford, and later taught at York, Reading and Warwick, where he was a Professor of Philosophy before joining ICREA in October 2009. He has also been a visiting professor in the Program in Ethics, Politics and Economics at Yale University and the Department of Philosophy at Harvard, and a Faculty Fellow in Ethics at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. His work has been published in such journals as Ethics, Economics and Philosophy, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy & Public Affairs, and Utilitas, and he is Editor of Politics, Philosophy & Economics.

Research interests

My interests lie in moral and political philosophy and practical rationality, as well as intersecting areas in economics and political science. My research focusses in particular on questions about distributive justice, including ones arising across states and generations. I explore how egalitarian distributive principles  should guide the design of social institutions that shape the prospects of children, parents, the elderly, and future generations. My most recent work examines how we should deal with the needs of the elderly and with variations in lifespan as well as the role that demographic factors should play in our response to climate change.

Selected publications

A. Williams 2020, ‘Introduction to Symposium on Conscience, Consent, Growth, and Efficiency‘, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Volume: 19, issue: 2: 105-106.

A. Williams, F. D’Agostino, T. Christiano, J. Riley 2020, ‘In memory of Jerry Gaus (1952–2020)‘, Politics, Philosophy & Economics, Volume 19, issue 4:17-32.

Selected research activities


Pricing Parenthood for Perfectionists, Liberalism, Childhood and Justice: Ethical Issues in Upbringing: Author Meets Critics, University of Warwick (Online), 21 December 2020

Fair Insurance: Amended, Defended, and Extended, Manchester Centre for Political Theory (Online), 2 December 2020, and Centre for Ethics, Law, and Public Affairs, University of Warwick (Online), 24 November 2020

Interview, PhD Political Theory Workshop, University of Warwick (Online), 11 November 2020

The Basis of Equality and Its Implications, MANCEPT (Online) Workshops, University of Manchester, 9 September 2020

Comments on Migration and Borders, PPE2020: Migration and Borders, Murphy Institute, Tulane University, 6 March 2020

The External Effects of Reproduction, Political Philosophy Colloquium, Department of Philosophy, Free University Berlin, 22 January 2020

Research Projects

Coordinator for Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship on ‘Social Justice and the Future of Work’ held by Tom Parr (University of Warwick)

Principal Investigator (with Paula Casal, ICREA) for ‘Food, Fertility, and Footprints’, an international research project funded by the Planetary Well-Being Initiative at Pompeu Fabra University

Co-supervisor for PhD dissertation by Siba Harb on ‘Justice Beyond Borders: Essays on Justice in a Globalized and Multi-Layered World’, which was successfully examined at KU Leuven on December 16, 2020