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Cristina Andres Lacueva

ICREA Academia 2018

Universitat de Barcelona · Life & Medical Sciences

Cristina Andres Lacueva

Cristina Andres-Lacueva is Full Professor at the Nutrition, Food Science & Gastronomy Department of the Pharmacy and Food Science Faculty at the University of Barcelona (UB) and leader of the Biomarkers & Nutritional and Food Metabolomics research group.âEUR¨ Posdoctoral Research at Tufts University/HNRCA (Boston). IP in CIBERFES-isciii, Biomedical Research Network on Frailty and Healthy Aging. Author of over 200 peer-reviewed papers. She is partner of an Innovation by Design project, CooK2Health and Coordinator of the INJOY  Campus Activity both from EIT-Health/H2020. Active participation on the EU-Joint Programming Initiative a Healthy Diet for a Healthy Life JPI-HDHL Actions Biomarkers, Microbiomics, Nutrition and Cognition and INTIMIC. At National level, active leadership in grants with MINECO & Health Institute Carlos III, FIS as well as Tranfer Actions with Industry by CDTI funds.

Research interests

My scientific activity is mainly focused in dietary and nutritional assessment as the major determinants of human health. This activity has comprised the understanding of qualitative and quantitative links between dietary patterns, nutritional phenotype and risk factors for diet-related chronic diseases. The main goals of my research have been: i) Applying intensively LC-MS driven untargeted and targeted metabolomics analysis to understand how new dietary biomarkers identified modulate diet-disease risk associations using pathway and network approaches; ii) The identification of robust âEURoemetabolic signatures of eating habitsâEUR for a range of foods of high public health significance; iii) To define and develop new methodological strategies for the biomarker discovery; iv) The development of an in-house human metabolome database and bioinformatic and biostatistics tools for the interpretation and identification of new biomarkers.


Nutrition, Biomarkers, Metabolomic, Dietary Assessment, Dietary Exposure, Dietary Pattern, Metabotype, Phytochemicals, Microbiome & health, Personalized Nutrition, Healthy Aging

ICREA Memoir 2021