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Núria Bonada

ICREA Acadèmia 2021

Universitat de Barcelona · Experimental Sciences & Mathematics

Núria Bonada

I am a Serra Húnter Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona and the head of the FEHM research group (Freshwater Ecology, Hydrology and Management) (2021SGR00692). I am also the President of the Iberian Limnological Society (AIL), board member of the Freshwater Biological Association (UK), scientific board member of the Natural Park of Collserola (Barcelona), management board member of the IRBio (Institute of Biodiversity at the University of Barcelona), and research manager of the area CTM-BDV of the "Agencia Estatal de Investigación". I have published 170+ publications and have been the principal investigator of 20+ projects and contracts with the administration. I have been associate editor of Hydrobiologia, Aquatic Sciences and Biology Letters, and I am currently the associate editor of Freshwater Science and Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems. I have a network of active collaborators that include 40+ national and international researchers.


Research interests

I have focused my research on the ecology of river ecosystems, combining fundamental, applied, and social aspects. I have been interested in understanding the effects of natural and anthropogenic disturbances on freshwater biodiversity to improve river conservation and management worldwide, and how citizens can contribute to this research and benefit from it. My studies have been conducted in different river ecosystems of the world and at different scales (continental, regional, local) but, in particular, on temporary rivers and in Mediterranean regions. For Mediterranean rivers, where drying has triggered many evolutionary adaptations and are especially biodiverse, I have shed light on: 1) how this biodiversity is organised in space and time to cope with drying, 2) how human activities are jeopardizing Mediterranean rivers, 3) how these should be managed to halt biodiversity loss and ensure healthy ecosystems, and 4) how we can effectively engage citizens in research and management.


Community ecology, Freshwater ecosystems, Freshwater biodiversity, Rivers and Streams, Disturbance ecology, Macroinvertebrates,, Management and Conservation

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