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Fàtima Bosch i Turbet

ICREA Acadèmia 2012 & 2018

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona · Life & Medical Sciences

Fàtima Bosch i Turbet

Fàtima Bosch is a Pharmacist (1980) and PhD in Biochemistry (1985), University of Barcelona, with post-doctoral studies at Vanderbilt University, Case Western Reserve Univ., and NCI-Frederick Cancer Research Center. Full Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (1999) and Director of Center of Animal Biotechnology and Gene Therapy (2003), Universitat Autònoma Barcelona. She received the Rey Juan Carlos I (1985), Narcís Monturiol (2002), Sant Jordi Cross (2005), Alberto Sols (2006), ICREA Academia (2012,2018), Jacob’s Ladder Norman Saunders International Research Prize, Canada (2019), UAB Social Council Transfer (2020) awards. Founding member of European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (1992), President of Spanish Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (2007-2009), Vice-President of European Association for Study of Diabetes (2009-2012), member of Gene Doping Expert Group of World Anti-Doping Agency (since 2013). Numerary member of Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences Barcelona (2022)

Research interests

Prof. Bosch main objective is to develop AAV-mediated gene therapy approaches for highly prevalent and rare metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases, with the ultimate goal to improve the quality of life of patients. Prof. Bosch studies aim to understand the pathophysiological causes of diabetes mellitus and associated comorbidities and to develop gene transfer-based therapeutics. In 2020, UAB licensed two gene therapy programs developed in her lab for type 1 diabetes to the US company Kriya Therapeutics. Prof. Bosch is also involved in the development of gene therapies for severe inherited disorders, such as Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS). Four gene therapy medicinal products received the orphan drug designation (EMA and FDA) and a Phase I/II clinical trial for MPSIIIA is ongoing. She is also co-founder of Telomere Therapeutics (2020) to develop gene therapies for pulmonary fibrosis and Tramontane Therapeutics (2021) for highly prevalent metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases.


Gene Therapy, Diabetes, Mucopolysaccharidosis, Transgenic Animals

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