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Libertad González Luna

ICREA Academia 2015 & 2020

Universitat Pompeu Fabra · Social & Behavioural Sciences

Libertad González  Luna

I was born and raised in Dos Hermanas (Sevilla). After getting my BA in Economics from the University of Sevilla, I did my PhD in Economics at Northwestern University, and since then I have been a professor at Universitat Pompeu Fabra. I'm also affiliated with the Barcelona School of Economics. In 2017 I was granted an ERC Consolidator for a research project on the effects of different interventions on child human capital development.

Research interests

I'm an applied microeconomist, and my research is in the areas of labor, public, and health economics. I work on questions related to the family (fertility, divorce), labor supply, gender, child health, and the evaluation of the effects of public policies. My most recent publications were in the Journal of Health Economics, the Journal of Human Resources, the Review of Income and Wealth, and PNAS. 


labor economics, public economics, immigration, family policy, fertility, female labor supply, divorce, child health, gender

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