Jordi Cabot Sagrera

Jordi Cabot Sagrera

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya

Engineering Sciences

Jordi Cabot received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) in 2006 and his Habilitation (French HdR) from the École Doctorale in Nantes in 2012. He has been a visiting researcher in Milan (Politecnico di Milano) and Toronto (University of Toronto) and an Associate Professor and Inria International Chair at École des Mines de Nantes where he led an Inria Research team in Software Engineering. Since May 2015, he is an ICREA Research Professor at Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3), a research center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) where he leads the SOM (Systems, Software and Models) research lab. Beyond his core research activities, he books some time for blogging and other dissemination and technology transfer actions.

Research interests

My research falls into the broad area of systems and software engineering, especially promoting the rigorous use of software models and engineering principles in all software engineering tasks while keeping an eye on the most unpredictable element in any project: the people involved in it. Current research topics include the development of pragmatic formal verification techniques to assess the quality and security of software systems, the analysis and data mining of open source projects (and the communities around them) to optimize their collaboration and organizational structures, the study of scalability challenges in the design and deployment of large systems and the role AI can play in software development (and vice versa).

Selected publications

- Savary-Leblanc M,; Burgueno L, Cabot J, Le Pallec X & Gerard S 2023, 'Software assistants in software engineering: A systematic mapping study', Software-practice & Experience, 53, 3, 856-892.
- Burgueno L, Munoz P, Clariso R, Cabot J, Gerard S & Vallecillo A 2023, 'Dealing with Belief Uncertainty in Domain Models', ACM Transactions On Software Engineering And Methodology, 32, 2, 31, 1-34
- Cabot J & Clarisó R 2023, 'Low Code for Smart Software Development', IEEE Software, 40, 1, 89-93.