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Technology Transfer

Technologies protected in 2022


Applications filed


Morgan Mitchell
  • Undisclosed title
Hugues de Riedmatten
  • Undisclosed title
Alejandro Goñi

  • Spectral shaper illumination device
Josep Nogués
  • Fluid disinfection method, fluid disinfection device and metal filter for disinfecting pathogens of a fluid flow
Ciara O’Sullivan
  • In vitro method for detecting antibodies in a sample
Javier Ramon Azcón
  • Real-time tracking of apoptosis
Stephan Roche
  • Mechanical property and thermal stability improving method using SAME
Albert Tarancón
  • A layered estructure comprising a composite thin layer deposited over a base electrolyte layer in an electrochemical device, a process for manufacturing and uses thereof
  • Secondary cells
Xavier Trepat
  • Cell culture system and cell culture method
Joaquín Arribas
  • Immune cells expressing chimeric antigen receptors and bispecific antibodies and uses thereof
Christian Brander
  • Boosted immune monitoring methods for assaying antigen-specific T cell response
  • Combination of a TLR7 modulating compound and an HIV vaccine
  • Dosage regimens for vaccines
Miguel Chillón
  • Nucleic acid construct and vectors for podcyte specific expression
  • Secreted splicing variant of Klotho for treating motor function impairments
  • Secreted splicing variant of Klotho for extending lifespan
  • Secreted splicing variant of Klotho for treating muscle disorders
Toni Gabaldón
  • Method for screening for colorectal cancer using fecal microbiome profiling
Tomàs Marquès
  • Method to detect and discriminate cytosine modifications
Pablo Menéndez
  • Humanized CD1a targeting moiety for the treatment of CD1A-positive cancer
Luis Serrano
  • Therapeutic cytokines and methods
Laura Soucek
  • Combination therapy for the treatment of cancer
  • Method for predicting response to a cancer treatment

Spin-off companies


Spin-off company created in 2022

Joltech Solutions SL

Supported by the Institut Català d’nvestigació Química (ICIC) and ICREA
Entrepreneur: ICREA Research Professor Julio Lloret
Born in April 2022

JOLT’s technology is a competitive coating treatment that can be applied to electrode supports in electrolysers & fuel cells. Such a process produces metal oxides with significantly improved performance at a reduced cost.

Orikine Bio SL

Supported by the Centre de Regulació Genòmica (CRG) and ICREA
Entrepreneur: ICREA Research Professor Luis Serrano

Orikine Bio is based on the unique Foldikine technology developed at the lab of Dr. Luis Serrano. Its versatile platform delivers optimized best-in-class cytokines to maximize clinical benefits. Initial focus is on anti-inflammatory and regenerative auto-inflammatory and auto-immune diseases with potential to extend to other cytokines and diseases such as cancer and allergy.

ICREA Memoir 2022