Victoria Reyes-García

Victoria Reyes-García

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Social & Behavioural Sciences

Victoria Reyes-García (PhD in Anthropology, 2001, U of Florida) is ICREA Research Professor at the Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia Ambientals de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (ICTA-UAB). Her research focuses on Indigenous and local knowledge systems, particularly in relation to the natural environment, and on the relevance of these knowledge systems to understand and deal with the climate and environmental crises. She co-directs the Laboratory of Analysis of Social-Ecological Systems in a Global World (LASEG), a research group that analyzes the impacts of global change on socio-ecosystems. Her current ERC-funded project (LICCI) studies local perceptions of  climate change impacts. She participates in the Transformative Change Report of the Intergovernmental Science and Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). She is member of the National Academy of Science, USA ( 2021) and the Academie d'Agriculture de France (2022).

Research interests

My research encompasses the interdisciplinary study of the dynamic relations among peoples, biota, and environments. I use a multidisciplinary perspective (working with ecologists, economists, psychologists, agronomists, archaeologists, and computer scientists) and empirical data to analyse 1) the effects of global change on rural livelihoods and local environments and 2) social responses to environmental changes. My research draws on insights from anthropology and the behavioural sciences to work at multiple levels- from the views of villagers in developing nations to those of policy-makers in industrial nations. My current areas of research include 1) local indicators of climate change impacts, 2) public participation in the documentation of local knowledge, 3) the adaptive nature of local environmental knowledge, 4) Indigenous peoples and cultural change, and 5) local participation in biodiversity conservation.

Selected publications

- Porcher V, Carriere S, Gallois S, Randriambanona H, Rafidison VM & Reyes-Garcia V 2022, 'Growing up in the Betsileo landscape: Children's wild edible plants knowledge in Madagascar', Plos One, 17, 2, e0264147.

- Reyes -Garcia V et al. 2022, 'Decarbonizing the academic sector: Lessons from an international research project', Journal Of Cleaner Production, 368, 133174.

- Benyei P, Calvet-Mil L, Reyes-Garcia V & Villamayor-Tomas S 2022, 'Indigenous and Local Knowledge's Role in Social Movement's Struggles Against Threats to Community-Based Natural Resource Management Systems: Insights from a Qualitative Meta-analysis', International Journal Of The Commons, 16, 1, 263 - 277.

- Miara MD, Negadi M,  Tabak S, Bendif H, Dahmani W, Hammou MA, Sahnoun T,  Snorek J, Porcher V,  Reyes-García V & Teixidor-Toneu I2022, 'Climate change impacts can be differentially perceived across time scales: A study among the Tuareg of the Algerian Sahara'. GeoHealth 6:11. e2022GH000620. 

- Reyes-Garcia V et al. 2022, 'Recognizing Indigenous peoples' and local communities' rights and agency in the post-2020 Biodiversity Agenda', Ambio, 51(1), 84–92.

- Schunko C, Li X, Klappoth B, Lesi F, Porcher V, Porcuna-Ferrer A & Reyes-García V 2022, 'Local communities’ perceptions of wild edible plant and mushroom change: A systematic review', Global Food Security, 32, 1000601.

Selected research activities

Coordinating Lead Author (Chapter 5), IPBES Transformative Change Assessment.

Academic coordinator, Postgrau en Dinamització Local Agroecològica, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.

Member, Grup Horitzó. Generalitat's advisory body on R+D+I strategies.

Guarantor, ICTA-UAB "Maria de Maeztu Unit of Excellence".