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Neus Sabaté

Neus Sabaté

Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona - Centre Nacional de Microelectrònica

Engineering Sciences

I obtained my Degree in Physics in 1998 at the University of Barcelona (UB). After that, I joined UB Electronics Dep. to develop ionizing radiation detectors. After that I stayed at the LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse, where I discovered my passion for silicon-based microsystems (MEMS) technologies. In 1999, I started my PhD at the Microelectronics Institute of Barcelona (CSIC) where I developed silicon-based flow and gas sensors for industrial applications. After the obtaining of my PhD, in 2004 I joined the IZM Fraunhofer in Berlin where I played a key role in the development of a new technique for stress measurements in thin films for the microelectronics industry. In 2006 I started a research line in silicon microfabricated fuel cells at IMB-CSIC that has evolved until the biodegradable electrochemical power sources I develop today. In 2015 I founded the spin-off Fuelium, aimed to commercialize disposable paper batteries for single use applications, and became ICREA Professor.

Research interests

Since 2006, I have focused on the development of microfuel cells, with the final goal of integrating them within microdevices requiring power autonomy. After many years of development using silicon-related technologies I decided to approach printed electronics technology that allows to build devices entirely made of polymer-based and paper materials at a very competitive cost. The main goal of my research line is to obtain single-use electrochemical power sources that can provide with power autonomy the new generation of single use smart devices while being environmentally friendly. The creation of greener electronic devices to decrease the global electronic waste is one of the key aspects that drives my research. Moreover, I am highly motivated in transferring the devices I create to the “real world” in order to contribute to the enhancement of the industrial local ecosystem.

Selected publications

– Merino-Jimenez, Irene; Llorella, Anna; Navarro-Segarra, Marina; Agramunt, Jordi; Grandas, Anna; Minteer, Shelley D.; Esquivel, Juan Pablo; Sabate, Neus 2021, ‘A Self-Powered Minimalistic Glucometer: A Lean Approach to Sustainable Single-Use Point-of-Care Devices’, Advanced Materials Technologies, 2001051.

– Kumar Sailapu, Sunil; Blanquer, Andreu; Duch, Marta; Pablo Esquivel, Juan; Nogues, Carme; Esteve, Jaume; Sabate, Neus 2021, ‘Self-activated microbatteries to promote cell death through local electrical stimulation’, Nano Energy, 83, 105852.

– Sailapu, Sunil Kumar; Sabate, Neus; Bakker, Eric 2021, ‘Self-Powered Potentiometric Sensors with Memory’, Acs Sensors, 6, 10, 3650 – 3656.

– Ortega, L., Llorella, A., Esquivel, J.P., Mas-Pla, J.& Sabaté, N 2021, “A printed and self-powered test strip for digital conductivity measurement of low volume liquid samples”, Flexible and Printed Electronics, vol 6. n 4, 044003

ICREA Memoir 2021