Aitor Mugarza Ezpeleta

Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia (ICN2)

By using the concept of LEGO chemistry, where molecular building blocks are assembled through targeted reactions, our team pioneered the development of atomically precise nanoporous graphene back in 2018 [1]. This graphene nanostructure behaves as a semiconductor where electrons flow along one nanometer wide graphene channels, akin to a carbon-based quantum nanocircuitry.

In a recent work, we have advanced in complexity by synthesizing a nanoporous graphene structure where the quantum channels are connected by molecular bridges that can be used to tune the interchannel coupling [2]. By bringing bridge engineering down to the atomic scale, we’ve unlocked a pathway to tailor quantum transport and electronic anisotropy in 2D nanostructured materials. We foresee a similar tunability with the phononic anisotropy, leading to novel approaches in the search of thermoelectric nanomaterials.